Tips to find the right movers when moving into a new home

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Tips to find the right movers when moving into a new home

When you want to move into a new home, you have to decide whether you will handle the entire process on your own or hire a moving company. Arguably, getting a professional company to help you out is the best option. So, how do you identify the right moving firm, considering that there are hundreds of them operating in Central Florida? The following are pointers to guide you.

Moving license

When looking for a moving company in Central Florida, it goes without saying that you should verify whether the contractor has the necessary license needed to manage the kind of move you want. Be it local, interstate, or even long distance moves. For instance, if you are moving from a different state ask if your mover has an Interstate Movers (IM) number, which verifies that they have a license from the State Department of Agriculture. It can be quite an inconvenience for your relocation operation to get interrupted because the moving contractor lacked proper licenses or certifications.

Full-time operators

In the moving industry, not everyone operates full time. Many movers are only sub-contractors who take up the business to cash in on the overwhelming demand for moving services. A primary challenge with these subcontractors is that most of them are inexperienced and temporary hires. It would be a grave mistake to entrust all your belongings to them. You should instead be diligent and find out the type of company you wish to engage. Make sure they are full-time operators, with professionally trained workers.

Certificate of insurance

Many people fear to ask a moving company whether it has adequate insurance protection because they believe doing so might jinx their move. However, it is to your advantage to find out if the company has insurance cover and what is the extent of their liability when handling your valuables. When it comes to moving, even the best-laid plans can go awry, resulting in the loss or destruction of your belongings. For this reason, ask the mover to supply you with a copy of their insurance policy, to help you grasp better what the insurance coverage entails. Also, ask  the moving company if they will issue you with a Certificate of Insurance as part of their insurance policy. If a company does not have a cover, or if the mover is hesitant about issuing a certificate of insurance, they may not be worth contracting.

Excellent reputation

Reliable moving companies have a good standing in their field of operation and they are always ready to provide names of references who can attest to the quality of their services. Hence, when looking for a contractor to help you move into your home in Orlando or Tampa, it is best to search for one who has a solid reputation within the social and professional community. Do people consider the moving company friendly, courteous and resourceful, or unreliable, arrogant and unsupportive? Besides the references, you can learn more about a moving company’s reputation from the reviews and ratings by current and previous customers.

Personalized Service options

No two moving experiences are the same. That is because each client has different valuables and personality. Therefore, it is important to determine whether a mover offers general relocation services, or they are willing to consider more personalized service options. For instance, do they offer flexible storage alternatives, extra support to accommodate a senior family member, and so on? It is always safe to go for a moving company that provides customized services, as they will tailor their program to suit your own.


 How they charge for the move

Most moving firms in Central Florida use the hourly rate to quote their prices. While there is nothing shady with that, it is to your advantage if you settle for a flat rate quote. An hourly rate can end up being costly and difficult to plan for, more so if something unexpected happens during the move. It can be frustrating if the exercise of moving to your new home took more time than you had anticipated, yet you are on an hourly rate plan. Because of such unpredictable situations, you should ask the moving contractor if they are willing to offer you a flat rate quote.

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