Tips for Relocating Your Business

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April 26, 2017
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Tips for Relocating Your Business

Moving an office/business can be more stressful than making a residential move, even if it’s within the same building.  A poorly managed office relocation can be exasperating to your employees and clients alike.

Here are some tips to have a smooth office relocation.

Plan your move.  Have at least three months to formulate a clear plan.  Evaluate what needs to be moved, determine what should be disposed of and donated. Advanced planning will help you avoid unnecessary headaches. Also, inform and involve employees in your plans so they can handle workflow properly and support you in the move.

Plan for coverage during the relocation.  It’s not always feasible to totally shut down during the moving period.  Most office moves can be done after business hours or during the weekend to avoid shutting down during business hours.  If you mainly service clients remotely, inform customers that you may be a little slower replying to emails or answering phones during the moving period. You can also use virtual office packages or assign one employee as the emergency client contact to ensure that client support is not interrupted.

Move the non-essentials first.  Determine and classify the essentials and non essentials, and move first the non essentials to your new office to reduce downtime. Label all boxes and bins carefully to reduce unpacking hassles. Equipment that’s essential for daily operations should stay in place until the day you move.

Map out your new office space.  Do a walk-through of the new space and create a blueprint where things will go.  By doing this, it will save you time during the move trying to figure out where pieces of furniture fit.

Look into storage space.  Instead of occupying space in your new office, choose to put scarcely used documents/files in a safe storage will minimize your real estate footprint and help reduce overhead cost.

By following the above tips when relocating your office, it will save you time and headache.  Strongman Movers provides commercial moving services and offers after hour moves to work around your schedule, contact us today for a hassle-free quote.

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