Moving Materials

Moving Guidelines

1. All furniture must be emptied prior to the movers arriving. The only exception will be clothing left in dressers.

2. If Strongman Movers, LLC is only loading a truck or POD that you already have in your possession, you must provide the necessary padding and tie downs. 3. Please be ready for your move to begin when the movers arrive, there will be an additional $20.00 per 15 minutes for wait time. We cannot predict problems as a result of weather, traffic, mechanical failure, etc. and will try to remain on time, but we will not be held responsible for problems beyond our control.

4. Strongman Movers, LLC will only place your furniture 1 time, so please be sure to know beforehand where you will be satisfied with the placement of your furniture.

5. Moves based on hours are billed at a minimum of _________ hours at a rate of $___________ per hour for __________ men. Any hour thereafter will be billed at an hourly rate of $_____________.

6. Your move is based on the point system at a rate of $___________ per point. You must give a 48 hour notice if you have changes to make to your move so your points can be recalculated, if you fail to notify us 48 hours in advance your point value will be doubled and you will be charged $__________ per point.

The individual(s) being moved hereby designates Strongman Movers, LLC to act as their agent to accomplish the preceding described move using the movers best judgment at the discretion of the individual being moved. The movers hereby accept the responsibility for accidental damage and the loss of the person(s) property being moved as follows: both parties hereby designate an agreed value of $.60 per pound per article unless arrangements for purchasing additional insurance at an additional charge to the customer is made prior to the move. Both parties expressly disclaim and exclude liability for wear from normal use, adjustments, consumable items, loss of revenue, damage from road hazards and accidents, fire and acts of God including, but not limited to rain, wind, flood, hail, sun and damage caused by improper packing. Movers will not be responsible or held liable for protecting the customer’s flooring from dirt or debris. Movers are not responsible for items left inside of furniture. Movers are not responsible or assume any liability for items which are loaded into the customer’s truck or container.

Claims for damage not made within sixty (60) calendar days in writing to the company’s office are NULL & VOID. Strongman Movers, LLC reserves the right to refuse to move any items that they feel are unmovable. The individual(s) being moved agree to protect, defend and hold company harmless for damages or legal consequences resulting from acts that the movers perform at the directions of the individual(s) being moved.

If any portion of this agreement is held invalid then all other portions shall remain in full force as a total agreement. Any warranties, agreements or claims made verbally are excluded and this agreement supersedes all other agreements and represents the total agreement between the two parties.

I have read the preceding Moving Guidelines/Agreement and agree to the items and have filled out the required information as true and accurately as possible.

The estimated price of your move is: $________________ (Flat Rate)


If Hourly:     $________________ (Minimum Hours)


$________________ (Per Hour After Minimum)

We accept cash, cashier’s check, certified check, money orders and credit cards. We do not accept any personal checks.