Moving Across Country

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February 3, 2018
Tips on Packing For a Move
February 27, 2018

Moving Across Country

Tips On Moving Across the Country
The moving companies near Orlando, Fla., understand that moving across the country is a difficult task, but with the right methods, you can make the process easier. Here are 10 tips for moving to a new location.

Tip 1: Hire an Orlando Moving Company As Soon As Possible

Don’t wait until a few days before you are supposed to move to contact several moving companies near Orlando. The best movers are booked far in advance, and the professional movers can also offer great advice concerning packing and relocating your possessions.

Tip 2: Get Rid Of Items That You Don’t Want To Move

When you are preparing for a move, don’t waste your time and money packing broken furniture or ancient clothing. Moving across the country is an opportunity to get rid of clutter so that you will have an organized home at your new location. You can throw things away, or you can give your excess clutter to a charitable organization.

Tip 3: Clean Items Before Packing Anything

It can take several weeks or months to unpack your possessions at your new home, so wash fabric items to prevent permanent stains. Make sure to dust the debris from figurines and other things so that you don’t need to worry about insect infestations.

Tip 4: Use the Right Types Of Containers While Packing

To protect your possessions, you should have the right types of containers for moving items such as glassware and artwork. An Orlando moving company will have the supplies such as tissue paper and thin sections of cardboard that you need for packing delicate items.

Tip 5: Keep a File Of Important Papers

Make sure to have a file for your important papers, and don’t pack these items inside a box on a moving truck. Some of the documents that you should keep with you include birth certificates, passports and insurance policies. When an emergency occurs, you will need these documents right away.

Tip 6: Pack Smaller Containers To Avoid an Injury

Avoid using huge plastic totes or cardboard boxes because it is too difficult to lift the containers. If you pack too much in a container, then the bottom can break, leading to a foot injury or causing damage to your possessions.

Tip 7: Label Containers As You Pack Your Possessions

Have stick-on labels to place on your containers to keep track of what is inside. After moving, you can find your possessions quickly when you know what is inside a plastic tote or cardboard box.

Tip 8: Visit Your Local Post Office Right Before You Move

When you are moving, it is essential to visit your local post office to complete a change of address form so that your mail is delivered to your new address. Remember to bring along several pieces of identification to verify who you are at the post office.

Tip 9: Protect Your Furniture, Electronics and Appliances

Moving companies near Orlando have specialized packing materials to protect wood furniture, delicate electronics and expensive appliances. The best way to have these items moved is by hiring an Orlando moving company.

Tip 10: Pack a Box For Your First Day In a New Home

Moving across the country is exhausting, so make sure to plan ahead by having a box of items for the first day. To avoid making a trip to a local store right after moving, bring along the essential things required while you are unloading the moving van.

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