How to Save Money When Moving!

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February 9, 2017
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How to Save Money When Moving!

Moving to a new home can prove to be a demanding experience. The amount of investment required both in terms of time and money can certainly be daunting. However, with the right moving advice you can definitely save on those expenses.  During the chaos associated with finding and hiring a moving company, it can be easy to get lost and end up paying more than what you really need to. The way to overcome this is to stay organized and to keep track of all your possessions so that you don’t end up paying to transport belongings you don’t actually need.  Here are a few helpful tips!

1.  Get rid of items you don’t need.  While this can be time-consuming, it is one of the sure ways to cut down on your costs for moving and packing services. Since movers & packers charge either by the hour or weight of shipment, knocking off items you don’t really need transported to your new house will certainly help bring down your moving costs. to In addition that, it also makes your packing experience a lot simpler since you only have to pack up items that you will definitely need at the new house. This is by far one of the more important moving house tips you can follow to save money when moving home.

2.  Get 3 to 4 moving quotes.  It is important that you contact different companies that offer moving and packing services. That way, you can obtain several different moving quotes and then make an informed decision regarding which company is best suited to your budget. It is imperative that you provide each company with accurate information regarding the belongings you plan to move so that the quotes you receive are more accurate.

3.  Pack items yourself.  If you are trying to stay on budget and keep your costs low, pack up as many items as possible yourself.  The more boxes you pack, the less is left to the movers to pack and there only job will be to move the boxes.  You can also save on packing by using used boxes that you can obtain by calling a store and asking for empty boxes.

4.  Be prepared!  Create a moving checklist, the more prepared and organized you are, the better to save you money in the long run. Be sure to have a list of items to be moved, sold and donated.  This way you don’t move any unnecessary items and don’t buy more packing supplies than you need.


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