Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my move?

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March 27, 2017
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You’ve read all the fine print to determine what your homeowners’ insurance covers while you’re at your current residence, but what about the transition to a new home? Even the most comprehensive homeowners’ insurance may not cover as much as you think when it comes to your move, so it is best to double check with your carrier before purchasing additional insurance.

If the worst were to happen and the moving truck was robbed or got into an accident and your belongings were damaged, would you be covered? It is possible that you would receive some coverage, but the limits may be lower during a move — and you should not assume coverage.   Always ask your carrier if your items are insured during transition from one location to the next location, what is the coverage amount and the deductible.

If you carry supplemental insurance for high value items, those items should be insured during the whole process.  If these items require special crating, be sure to the moving company so they can prepare to properly crate and protect these items.

Your insurance policy will likely cover your belongings if they are stolen from the moving truck or if catastrophe strikes and the truck gets into an accident, though the moving company’s insurance should also cover that. However, your insurance will not likely cover damage incurred during the move like dropped boxes, torn upholstery, or damaged artwork. You can purchase an additional schedule of insurance for specific high-value items, or but you may determine that you need moving insurance. Sometimes movers will include such insurance in your moving costs, or it may be an additional cost. If you are worried about your belongings being damaged, it may be worth the extra cost to cover the gap left by your homeowners’ insurance!

When scheduling your move, always ask the moving company what insurance coverage is included in the quote provided and information for obtaining additional insurance coverage.  If it is the basic liability coverage, ask how you can obtain full value insurance coverage.


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