Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to a Warmer State

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January 9, 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving to a Warmer State


If you’ve been living in a cold weather state for years, don’t be too surprised to catch yourself dreaming about moving to a warmer state and enjoying all the benefits that come with a warmer climate. And if you happen to have any health issues, then the low temperatures of the area where you’re living now could worsen the symptoms.

Moving to states such as Texas, California, Arizona, Florida, or Louisiana will offer you mild and comfortable temperatures, dry weather and clear skies throughout the year. Thus said, it’s important to note that each geographic area has its pros and cons, so you’ll just have to determine what type of climate you want… and need.

Will it be the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona? Will be the ocean breeze type of warmth of Southern California? Or will it be the tropic climate of South Florida?

Advantages of moving to a warmer state

As you can expect, moving to a warmer climate will come with multiple benefits for you:

Healthier lifestyle

Moving to a warmer state will give you prolonged exposure to the sunshine you’ve been missing so much in your life. And since sunshine is the primary source of Vitamin D, your body will increase its production. It’s important to keep in mind that that all-important vitamin stimulates insulin production, regulates the immune system, prevents bone and heart diseases, and even inhibits the growth of cancer cells.

Outdoor activities

Another great advantage of moving to a warmer state is the plethora of outdoor activities you can engage in throughout the year. Depending on the specific location you move to, you should be able to enjoy various fun activities outside such as jogging, walking, hiking, picnicking, mountain biking, city cycling, fishing swimming, sunbathing, or even sailing.

Disadvantages of moving to a warmer state

Naturally, every aspect in life has its pluses and minuses, and a house move to a warmer state is no exception to that universal rule. Here are the major disadvantages of moving to a warmer climate:

The heat may be too much

The chances are that you won’t be used to living in a place with a hotter climate. As a result, you’re likely to find the adaptation period pretty rough, at least in the beginning.

You may start to sweat more than usual as your body will be trying desperately to cool itself down. Once you get used to the heat, your organism should slower the sweat production.

You may have skin problems too due to the suddenly increased sun exposure. To avoid serious sunburns or even more serious health issues, do make sure you wear sunscreen of SPF 15 or above every time you leave the home, and wear sunglasses and hats for additional protection.

An abundance of bugs and insects

Moving to a warmer place may turn out to be the right decision for you… but you’ll still have to find a way to deal with increased varieties and quantities of bugs, insects, and possibly even spiders. Such annoying and sometimes dangerous critters have the tendency of thriving in warmer and hotter areas in the country, so you’ll just have to be extra careful after your relocation.

Lack of seasons

Arguably, one of the greatest disadvantages of moving to a warmer state will be the lack of seasons. Some people never mind that but if you’re coming from a place with 4 distinct seasons, then moving to an area with a year-round warm climate can prove to be a real disappointment for you and even an issue that may keep bothering you until you come to miss too much your old climate and the true beauty of each season.

It is important to make sure that when considering the move to a warmer state, it is a place where you can see your self living in the new climate.


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