27 Nov Hiring a Long Distance Moving Company

February 19, 2016
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December 19, 2016

27 Nov Hiring a Long Distance Moving Company

When you hire a moving company to transport your household items across a long distance, reliability and reputation should top your list of priorities. A reasonable price is also important, so you’ll want to get quotes from moving companies that pass your screening process.

There are moving companies that will group the items of two different households on a move in order to fill their large 18-wheel trucks. Also, many companies will give estimates on moving costs instead of actual quotes. If keeping your belongings from being lost or damaged is important to you, and if keeping a close eye on all costs is a priority, then you need to know these things about the mover you are considering.

1.  Time Window.  Most companies (generally van lines) are using a tractor trailer, they need to coordinate these moves so that the truck gets filled. This way, the high costs of operating the large trucks is covered. Many of these delivery windows can vary from a week to even a month.  Therefore, this can be very inconvenient for you if you have set dates that you need to be loaded and unloaded.  Strongman Movers offers their customers a set load date and arrival date that works around the customer’s schedule, not the movers’ schedule

2.  Co-Mingling of Furniture or better known as Multi-Family Loads.  Do you really want your stuff mixed with someone else’s? This is very likely to happen if you do not fill up the moving company’s large truck.  Even though the rates tend to be a little cheaper when you choose to go with a van line, is it worth it to have to worry about your stuff being lost or dropped off with another family?  If you choose to move with Strongman Movers, your items will be the only items on the truck.  Everything will be carefully wrapped and properly loaded to ensure a safe delivery of all your items.

3.  Hidden Fees or Extra Fees at Delivery.  When choosing a moving company for a long distance move, be sure to request a binding, not to exceed estimate to avoid any additional or hidden fees upon delivery of your belongings.  Request that the moving company comes out to take an inventory of items to be moved and any additional information they may need to provide you with a written binding price.

4.   Use a Local Company.  Go with a local company that has an office in town. Movers with a presence in the community have a reputation to uphold; the large national mover has a headquarters that nobody can find and a customer service hotline that may keep you on hold forever. Go with the mover who has to do a good job or else suffer from bad reviews in town.

If you are looking to make a move across state lines, contact Strongman Movers today to request a free in home estimate.  We take pride in customer service and guarantee that your items will be handled with care from start to finish.  We offer binding, written estimates so there will be no surprises upon delivery.  We do not multi-load, so no worries about co-mingling of belongings or delayed wait time for your belongings to be delivered.  The same movers that load your items, will be the same to transport and unload your items to offer an even more piece of mind.


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