16 Jan Damages to my furniture, now what?

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16 Jan Damages to my furniture, now what?

To some degree during a move, even when using a professional moving company, damages can occur to your furniture no matter how careful you are.  If you experience damages while using a moving company, here are the things you need to know.

1.  On moving day, the movers will prepare an itemized inventory with the quantity and condition of your goods. It is important that you are in complete agreement with this inventory so that if you do need to file a claim, you will have the documentation needed to prove whether damages were pre-existing or incurred during transit.

2.  Upon delivery, if you find that you have missing or damaged items when your stuff arrives, note it on the moving paperwork, either the inventory or the Bill of Lading (which is like your receipt — you get it when movers take possession of your stuff, and sign it again to indicate you received your stuff). Not noting the damage on this paperwork doesn’t damage your ability to make a claim, but it makes the claim stronger.

3.  Contact the moving company/office directly to let them know that you need to file a claim for damages.  The movers do not always make the office aware there were damages during the move.  You have thirty (30) days from the date of your move to file a claim for damages in writing to the moving company.

4.  Once the company receives your written claim, they have the right to inspect the damages, including concealed packages and their packaging.  The company then has ninety (90) days to review your claim and resolve the matter.

5.  Depending on which insurance coverage you chose prior to your move, you will either be reimbursed $0.60 per pound the weight of the item or full valuation coverage.  Full valuation coverage is typically purchased thru a 3rd party and in that case, you would contact the insurance provider directly to submit a claim.

6.  If the piece that was damaged is part of a matched set, you will only be reimbursed for the piece that was damaged, not the whole set.


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